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Hanna Magauer

Dissertation Project

„Distributed Practices. Strategies of post-conceptual art in France in the 1980s and the work of Philippe Thomas“ (working title)

In view of today’s contemporary art, philosopher Peter Osborne speaks of a “postconceptual condition,” a state in which a “radically distributive” contemporary art creates the fiction of a global unity. In the exchanges of the Western European and North American art worlds at the end of the 1970s, this state seems to be gaining ground. The dissertation project explores this in the specific case of post-conceptual art in France in the 1980s: At a time when many artists and theoreticians perceive the critical models of the 60s and 70s neo-avantgardes as failed and/or anachronistic, and when the artistic reception of poststructuralist theory and language philosophy is confronted with an intensified impetus of international networking.
The dissertation investigates this particular constellation in the work of Parisian artist Philippe Thomas (1951-1995), who from the end of the 1970s onward pursued an approach between Institutional critique and the conceptual visualization of his professional network. By way of his agency Readymades belong to everyone®, for instance, he transferred his authorship to his collectors and thus gave them visibility, leading to the gradual disappearance of his own name from the distribution networks of contemporary art. At the same time, he strategically and visibly placed his project in the vicinity of Institutional critique and the Pictures Generation in New York. On the basis of Thomas and his surroundings, the dissertation asks about relations of artistic practice, theoretical and art critical discourses, and socio-economic conditions within the artistic field. Strategies that might have been common in postmodernist art practice of the 1980s are, here, examined in their local specificity. And this aims, not least, at a contribution to the question which knowledges are in what way inscribed into contemporary art; and which knowledges contemporary art can, in turn, generate. 


Studies in literature, art, and media studies at the University of Konstanz (BA) and in art history and the history of images at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (MA). After graduation, employment as a gallery assistant with Nature Morte, Berlin; from 2013–2016, she also edited texts about art for the gallery, where she is still a member of the editorial board. In addition to her academic work, Hanna Magauer works as a freelance art critic and translator.



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WS 2017/18 „Dienstleistungskunst", Seminar, with Ildikó Szántó, UdK Berlin

WS 2016/17 „Theorie und Praxis der Kunstkritik", Kunsthistorisches Seminar der Universität Hamburg