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Decolonizing the Arts

Bauer, Julian; Figge, Maja; Großmann, Lisa; Lukatsch, Wilma (eds.): Decolonizing the Arts. Bielefeld: transcript 2022.
New publication: volume 7 of the publication series of the DFG Research Training Group "The Knowledge of the Arts" published by transcript.The publication series is edited by Barbara Gronau and Kathrin Peters, designer is Toni Brell.
The publication will be available in open access and in print from next year.

As interventions, de- and postcolonial aesthetic practices have permanently changed the field of art and made an important contribution to postcolonial critique and decolonial theoretical practice by designing counter-narratives and methods of memory and sensitizing to the visibility and legibility of hegemonic structures. Yet, in the face of continued epistemic violence, the decolonization of the arts is an unfinished and contested process. This volume focuses on contemporary artistic, aesthetic, and epistemic practices of learning and unlearning and asks about the consequences of these knowledge practices for art and cultural studies, for the institutions of art, and for the question of the mediation of art.

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