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Wessen Wissen? (Whose Knowledge?)

Kathrin Busch, Christina Dörfling, Kathrin Peters, and Ildikó Szántó, eds. 
Wessen Wissen? Materialität und Situiertheit in den Künsten (Whose knowledge? Materiality and situatedness in the arts). Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2018.

Volume four of the book series published by the DFG Research Training Group “Knowledge in the Arts” with Wilhelm Fink Verlag.
The series is edited by Barbara Gronau and Kathrin Peters, and the designer is Jenny Baese.

“Whose knowledge?” is, on the one hand, a question about agents, bodies, materials, and technologies that interact with each other in artistic processes of production and knowledge. These can be described as translations and transformations in which artists have long ceased to be the only subjects of knowledge, inasmuch as media and materials develop their own particular force of agency in artistic processes of designing, sketching, modeling, rehearsing, and experimenting. 

And on the other hand, “whose knowledge?” is a question about the heterogeneity of formations of knowledge in their particularity and partiality, meaning as situated knowledges. This question contests the idea of a generally valid, incorporeal, neutral objectivity. In return, the situated knowledge of the arts claims to produce instances of knowledge and make it available. It accordingly stands for embodied instances of knowledges that critically intervene into the field of approved and legitimate knowledge.

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source: Gestaltung: Jenny Baese
source: Gestaltung: Jenny Baese