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Decolonial Aesthetics



The working group “Decolonial Aesthetics” takes up questions of the aesthetic construction of theory in the context of anticolonialism, postcoloniality and decoloniality, and it examines decolonial aesthetic strategies in artistic productions from the areas of photography, film, theater, contemporary drama, performance, art, music, video, and the fine arts. How do these works of art produce, stage, and critically reflect on knowledge and experience about complex colonial structures? How can artistic practice be understood as a formation of knowledge? What are the theoretical points of reference with which these producers of art operate? What role do colonial and anticolonial archives play in these processes? And how might it be possible to reflect on colonial violence without reproducing it? In addition to our reading group, we will organize workshops, regularly invite visitors, and organize group excursions.


Juana Awad