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Creative Prototyping x Sustainability - the Berlin Startup Scholarship at UdK Berlin

Scholarships for start-up projects in art, design, music, architecture, performing arts

These days, new technologies for production, distribution or crowdfunding enable founders to generate a huge resonance with a small team and to test alternative entrepreneurial paths. The project takes the models, experiments and projects as a starting point for further development and testing of relevant start-up projects. Initial prototypes or prototypical procedures should be available. The Berlin Startup Scholarship is aimed at all those who wish to further develop a project in an entrepreneurial way. The project is funded by the European Social Fund and by the State of Berlin (Senate Administration for Economics, Energy and Enterprises).


Objectives within the funding period

  • the further development of the prototype or prototype-like process to market maturity
  • the expansion of entrepreneurial competencies (project planning, business model development, financial planning, legal bases) and positioning within the cultural and creative industries
  • the acquisition of project partners, investors or further project funding for follow-up financing
  • the generation of resonance: regional, national and international visibility of all supported start-up projects



  • A functioning prototype exists for the proposed start-up project
  • A maximum of 5 people are in the team, whereby the idea provider must have a connection to the UdK Berlin. In exceptional cases the support of individual entrepreneurs is possible.
  • A professor from the UdK Berlin is committed as a mentor.
  • All team members have a first academic degree (at least B.A.) and are permanent residents in Berlin.


How we support

  • You will receive EUR 2,200 per person and month in the funding period from to cover your living expenses.
  • You will work full-time on your start-up project, of which at least 60 hours per month will be spent in the coworking space of the UdK Berlin.
  • Secondary jobs are only possible in exceptional cases and require permission.
  • The use of the UdK laboratories can be arranged on request.
  • You will receive accompanying business coaching from external experts.
  • You will receive constant support and encouragement from the project team.
  • Funding is subject to the De Minimis ruling  (subsidy).

Insurance and taxes must be paid independently by the scholarship holder.