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Future Craft

source: Sandra Gramm
source: Future Craft

Founder:  Wanda Wollinsky, Kasia Kucharska, Reiner-Andre Törner

Mentor:  Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen

funded by: Creative Prototyping - the Berlin startup scholarship at the UdK Berlin

FUTURE CRAFT is a new and digital process and printing technology that uses latex to manufacture garments. The focus of the project is a product range of underwear garments. The products are printed directly through a digital process. Customers receive a personalized one-off item, which is created using only the required material without excess. The process is sustainable as the latex used by Future Craft is biodegradable. With products such as bra or corset, latex takes on the support function, so that no further haberdashery is required and the product does not constrict or slip on the body. The garment lies to the body like a second skin and significantly increases wearing comfort in comparison to conventional underwear. The result is lingerie for customers who are looking for contemporary aesthetics in a sustainable product.