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source: Parinaz Jabirian
source: Parinaz Jabirian
source: Parianz Jabirian

Founder:  Parinaz Jabirian

Mentor: Prof. Holger Neumann

funded by: Creative Prototyping - the Berlin startup scholarship at the UdK Berlin

The destructive environmental impact of plastic accumulation is one of the biggest problems in

the world today. This has motivated me to deal with this issue. Significant amounts of this waste

are associated with polymers used as packaging. Biodegradable films are a possible solution. I

have decided to work with a natural renewable raw material and find out if it can be made into a

sustainable packaging material. "SOLUBLE SOLUTION" has succeeded in creating a watersoluble,

sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, nature-friendly and recyclable bioplastic as an

alternative to conventional plastic for packaging. The project is patented as an innovation.