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Are there German courses at UdK?

UdK Berlin offers German courses for international UdK students who are enrolled for a limited period of time and need to provide proof of B2 or C1 German language skills. General information about German courses at UdK can be found here:

I am not studying at UdK. Can I still register for a UdK German course?

Applicants who have been offered a place at the UdK can register for a German course. Students from other universities or other interested persons can unfortunately not participate in the German courses.

I am an Erasmus student. Can I participate in the UdK German course?

Yes, if there are free places, you can participate in the UdK German courses. However, priority in registration is given to students who need a language certificate for their studies at UdK.

Exchange students can participate in a free OLS online language course (A1/A2) and also receive ECTS credits there.

You can contact the International Office for more information and advice.


Do I get ECTS points in the German courses?

No. The UdK German courses finish with an exam. The results are then submitted to IPA (Admissions and Exams Office) as proof of language proficiency.

I am a guest auditor at UdK. Can I participate in the UdK German courses?

No, unfortunately not. Only UdK students who are already enrolled can take part in the UdK German courses.

Can I be admitted to the B2 course even without B1 proficiency?

If you have not yet taken a B1 course, you can register for the B1.2 course at UdK. This course is an ideal preparation for the B2 course, in which you can then obtain the B2 language certificate.

I accidentally registered for the wrong German course. Can I still change?

Please contact the course administrator Barbara Schmarsow: deutschkurse_

Can I freely combine the course days from different courses?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

I have registered online. When will I receive the confirmation of registration?

You will see the confirmation of receipt directly when you register. After the registration deadline (the date is stated in the course description), we will inform you by e-mail whether you have a place in the course.

I registered for a German course. When will I receive the invoice?

We will send you the invoice by e-mail within 14 days after the registration deadline. The registration deadline is stated in the course description.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. You can pay the course fee in 2 installments (100 euros each).

I don't want to take the German course after all, but I have already registered. Do I still have to pay the course fee?

Yes. If you cancel your registration by the registration deadline (date is stated in the course description), only a cancellation fee of €25 is due.  

If you cancel after the registration deadline, you will have to pay the full course fee (€200).

You can find the complete terms and conditions here (in German only):

Is the UdK exam an officially recognized exam?

No. The UdK exam is an internal exam and is accepted by IPA (Admissions and Exams Office) as proof of language proficiency. However, it is not an official exam like DSH / TestDaF / Goethe / telc.

Can I also take "German as a specialist language" courses at UdK?

Yes. UdK students can take specialist language courses as part of Studium Generale / Intercultural Mentoring (IKM) and receive ECTS points for them:

- Reading strategies and feedback techniques

- writing training

- Specialized language for music

- Specialized language for theater/stage arts and performance

- Specialized language for architecture and design

- Specialized language for fine arts

For more information and enrolment, consult the IKM page or Flóra Tálasi: sgk_