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Through PROMOS, you can get support for up to 6 months of individually organized study periods abroad in addition to work experience and study trips. These include semesters at a foreign university outside of the Erasmus+ region as well as research trips in preparation for your Master's thesis (the minimum stay in each of these cases is one month), as well as language courses (at least three weeks), and specialist courses (up to six weeks).

The UdK Berlin does not sponsor study periods within an existing university partnership, as funding from the university budget already exists for these.

Who can apply?

Those entitled to apply include all students registered at a German university (in this case the UdK) who plan to complete a degree there (i.e. independent of nationality and residency status, but not exchange or guest students). The project must be concluded before the final study achievement (examination, submission of BA/MA thesis).

How much is the grant?

The rate for living costs is 350 - 550 Euro, depending on the country. The rate for travel varies from country to country. For specialist or master's courses as well as language courses, a course flat rate of 500 euros may be paid. A combination of the three flat rates is possible but is granted only in exceptional cases. A daily rate of 45 euros is paid for competition trips.

The flat rate for a stay can be combined with Bafög, as long as the 300 euros set-off against credit are not exceeded; the flat rate for travel, however, will be set off against travel costs abroad paid by Bafög.

PROMOS rates 2024

Selection criteria

According to the guidelines, decisive factors for an award are study achievements, the meaningfulness of the project in reference to the study course, and existing language abilities. Projects that demonstrate social engagement are welcomed.

Projects in the students' home countries will be given least priority.

Application documents

Applications must include the online application, a letter of motivation (ca. 1 page long) explaining the aims and methods of the proposal and demonstrating an obvious reference to the student's study programme (please haev in mind that the commission consists of people of differtn background, not only your course of study, who have to understand what you mean), proof of language abilities adequate for the project, a letter of recommendation from a professor (with reference to the proposal) and, if available, confirmation of the planned proposal (work experience contract, acceptance for a study place, confirmation of registration for a language course etc.). Please upload all documents in the system.

If assistance is granted from PROMOS funds, a report must be written and confirmation from the guest institution submitted after completion of the project /work experience/study period.

For further questions please refer to Regine Brosius.

Application deadlines

The selection committee meets 3 times a year to decide on applications.

Next deadlines for 2024:

February 1, June 1, October 15