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Student Exchange Coordinators in the Colleges

Fine Arts
Prof. Josephine Pryde
Kilian Seyfried
Axel Haagen

Student Assistant: Leah Barna

Art in Context
Karina Griffith

Diego Apellániz (Outgoings)
Saqib Aziz (Incomings)

Student Assistant: Sarah Eusemann

Visual Communication / Art and Media
Roman Wilhelm

Student Assistant: Wiebke Marie von Bremen

Product Design
Prof. Jozef Legrand
Sarah-Lena Walf

Fashion Design
Magdalena Kohler

Communication in Social and Economic Contexts (GWK)
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Wächter
Jessica Haß

Student Assistants: Therese Bohn and Clara Grillmaier

Prof. Björn Lehmann (Artistic Training)
Ania Paz (Teachers Training)

Student Assistant: Lea Kohnen

Vocal Studies and Musical Theatre
Prof. Deborah York

Stage Design
Anna Bergel

Stage Costume
Prof. Florence von Gerkan

Creative Writing for the Stage
Prof. Dr. John von Düffel

Simon Schlingplässer 

Dance (HZT)
Britta Wirthmüller

Theatre Education
Ute Schlegel-Pinkert

Jazz (JIB)
Björn Sickert