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Training Mobility for Administrative Staff

Erasmus+ facilitates continuing and further education measures for university staff in programme countries with the aim to increase internationalization. University staff of a German university with an ECHE can be sponsored for continuing and further education at a receiving university with an ECHE or another institution located in a different programme country, which operates on the labour market or in the fields of general and professional training or youth work.

Stays abroad last for a minimum of two days and a maximum of two months.

University staff from all fields can be sponsored with STT. For example:
•General & Technical Administration  
•International Office  
•Student and Course Advice Services  
•Technology & Transfer  
•Continuing Education

Further training formats (examples)  
•Job shadowing  
•Study visits  
•Participation in workshops and seminars 
•Participation in language courses

Advantages of an Erasmus+ Stay  
•Stay on the basis of an agreed programme
•Expert exchange and new perspectives
•Consolidation of one's own competencies
• Development and consolidation of networks