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FAQs for prospective refugee students

Residence permit - I would like to stay in Berlin permanently and study there. Can I apply for a humanitarian residence permit?

Yes, you can submit an online application for a humanitarian residence permit for temporary protection (humanitäre Aufenthaltserlaubnis zum vorübergehenden Schutz) at the Berlin Immigration Office  (Landesamt für Einwanderung - LEA) if you meet certain requirements. Please find further information here.

Information regarding accommodation and medical care are also available here.


Programmes for refugees - Are there currently any special programmes at UdK Berlin?

Since 2015, projects for refugees have been taking place at UdK Berlin. Current offers for refugees can be found here. Further offers and support opportunities are in preparation. Of course, you are also welcome to apply fpr studies at UdK Berlin and receive advice on studying and the application modalities. We look forward to receiving your application!

Studying - I am interested in studying at UdK Berlin.

Here you can find information about the study programmes at UdK Berlin.


Guest students - Can I take courses at UdK Berlin in the summer semester 2022 even though I am not enrolled?

Refugees can participate in courses at the UdK Berlin as GUEST AUDITORS+ in the summer semester of 2022, subject to the approval of the teaching staff. This is also possible for art classes after approval by the faculty and the teachers. Furthermore, it is possible for GUEST AUDITORS+ to take part in examinations and have this certified by the lecturers. The application for guest auditor status must be completed by the applicant, signed by the lecturers and then submitted to the IPA. Please provide us with proof of Ukrainian citizenship (passport copy) or refugee status.

Please find the application form for guest auditors + for refugees here.
Information on how to apply for the guest auditor status can be ound here.
Please note that the information on fees and restrictions (e.g. no participation in artistic teaching) does not apply to the guest auditor+ !

Contact persons in the study courses:

You can find a list of contact persons from the Faculty of Music here.

Information on guest auditor+ in the Leadership in Digital Innovation degree programme can be found here.

The contact person for the degree programmes at the Inter-University Centre for Dance is Eva-Maria Hoerster.

You can find contact persons from other degree programmes here.

Contact - Who can I contact if I have questions about studying and applying at UdK Berlin?

Please contact the StudyGuide of UdK Berlin if you have any questions.

Application - How do I apply to study at UdK Berlin?

Information for applying to UdK Berlin can be found here.

German language - Can I study at UdK Berlin without German language skills?

German language skills are required for most degree programmes at UdK Berlin. Information on the language level required for your degree programme can be found here. Some programmes are offered in English (Master Solo/Dance/Authorship), Master Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, Master Jazz, Meisterschüler*in Art and Media).

If, due to your flight situation from Ukraine, you are not yet able to submit the required level for your application, you must prove that you have at least the language level A2 or B1, depending on the degree programme, by the time of matriculation at the latest. After matriculation, the target language level B2 or C1 must then be achieved in a timely manner.

If you already have a basic knowledge of German, you can easily take an OnSET placement test at the TU Berlin and submit the result with your application.

You can find more information here:

Documents/ certificates - I fled from Ukraine and I don't have any documents (especially school or university certificates) anymore. What can I do now?

We are currently clarifying clarifying whether a check of your information on your school or university qualifications (plausibility check) can be carried out instead by uni-assist.

Transfer students - I have already studied an arts subject in Ukraine and would now like to continue at UdK Berlin. Is this possible?

In order to continue your studies at UdK Berlin, an application and participation in the artistic aptitude test is required. All information about applying to UdK Berlin can be found here. A decision whether study and examination achievements are recognised will be made after successful admission.

Can Belarusian and Russian students still apply to UdK Berlin?

Yes, you can of course continue to apply to UdK Berlin.

Enrollment - Can I enroll at UdK Berlin without applying for a degree programme?

No. Proof of (special) artistic talent is required for studies at UdK Berlin. Therefore, enrollment at UdK Berlin is only possible after successful participation in the artistic aptitude test. For this, an application is required within the respective application deadline for the chosen degree programme.

Are German courses offered for students of UdK Berlin?

Currently, UdK Berlin does not offer German courses. An offer for advanced students (B2 and C1) is planned for the second half of the summer semester 2022. You can find more information here.

Hotline Psychological hepl

Hotline of the Professional Association of German Psychologists (Berufsverband Deutscher Psycholog*innen) to support those affected by the war in Ukraine and those helping them to cope with the acute psychological consequences:

Daily from 18:00 to 20:00 on 0800 777 22 44 (in German and English).
Counselling is anonymous and free of charge.