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UdK Berlin and Social Media


Post, like, share, comment, and more – social media has already been a key component of the press and public relations work of the Berlin University of the Arts for a long while now. An appealing, diverse and well-maintained social media presence provides for visibility, networking, transparency, participation, and identification.

The Berlin University of the Arts core Social Media Team, which is housed in the Press / Communications office, maintains the principal University of the Arts internet accounts on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, there are many other social media accounts of different programmes, departments and areas of the Berlin University of the Arts, which contribute to giving visibility to the university's diversity.

The Berlin University of the Arts on Instagram

With its visual impressions from workshops, studios, rehearsal halls, and performances, the main Instagram account of the Berlin University of the Arts provides an insight behind the scenes and into the day-to-day reality of studies at one of the world's biggest art schools. The account is regularly turned over to students, teachers and staff for a few days, who during these “takeover” weeks display their highly personal perspective on the Berlin University of the Arts by way of photos, videos and stories.

The Berlin University of the Arts on Facebook

On its main Facebook page, the Berlin University of the Arts presents itself as a cross-faculty and cross-disciplinary place for the arts and arts-related scholarship. The Berlin University of the Arts main Facebook page brings together the different individual areas of the Berlin University of the Arts and disseminates news, achievements, events, reports, insights, and portraits from all areas of the university.

UdK Alumni Group on XING


UdK Alumni understands itself as an interactive network that brings together former students with their alma mater and current students. In the XING UdK Alumni Group we inform our members on a regular base about events and further education options. In addition, we organise alumni meetings. At the same time, we strive to be a forum for all current and former UdK members stimulating an exchange between different actors and disciplines.

Contact: alumni_

Social Media Counselling for Berlin University of the Arts Staff

Does it make sense for our class, programme or department to open a social media account? What do I have to keep in mind when opening a Berlin University of the Arts social media account?

We at the Social Media Team of the Berlin University of the Arts are happy to answer your questions on the topic of social media at the Berlin University of the Arts. You can also find all the relevant documents on the Intranet. Our goal is a well-maintained and networked, integrated and legally compliant presence of all Berlin University of the Arts profiles on the Social Web.

Social Media Roundtable

In order to improve social media activities across the whole university, the Social Media Team founded the Social Media Roundtable. About twice a year, the Social Media Team invites all the editors of the Berlin University of the Arts social networks to participate in an exchange of views. The Roundtable provides a platform for discussing social media-related topics and for planning integrated online communication or joint social media actions.

Social Media Guidelines

What should you keep in mind when using social media in a university of the arts? The Social Media Team has prepared Social Media Guidelines on the basis of documents developed by the Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation (the Federal Association for University Communications). By way of the Guidelines, we want to sensitise all staff members and students of the Berlin University of the Arts to legal particularities involved in dealing with social media and to provide some tips on how to use of them sensibly. The Guidelines should be respected in planning and implementing social media activities in the university. The Social Media Team is glad to provide the Guidelines to University of the Arts employees on request. The Guidelines can also be found on the Intranet.

Social Media Language Guide

How do we speak to our community? Social media activity is based on transparency, interaction and networking. This is why the language of the Social Web is different from the linguistic style that is chosen for other publications. For its social media editors, the Berlin University of the Arts has published a Social Media Language Guide, which provides suggestions and tips. The guide is specifically related to social media and also includes an overview of the most important spellings and style templates for our university.

Netiquette for Social Media

On the official social media channels of the Berlin University of the Arts, we welcome your comments, your likes and shares and fair dialogue. We want to keep the discussion constructive and objective and the tone should always be respectful. The following principle applies: Please behave online exactly as you would like people to behave toward you in real life. Please keep in mind that you are dealing with real people on our social media channels.

Please respect the following norms of conduct in our dialogue:

1. You are welcome to post constructive criticism – but we do not tolerate any insults, threats, abuse or comments that are harmful to the reputation or business of others. 

2. We do not tolerate any calls for violence against persons, institutions or businesses and we remove all threats of whatever form from our channel.

3. Discrimination and defamation of other persons or social groups on the basis of religion, origin, nationality, disability, income, sexual orientation, age or gender are expressly prohibited. Racist, extremist and sexist remarks will not be tolerated.

3. Comments not dealing with the topic of the post in question are unwanted. Abusing the comments section for (self-)promotional purposes or to offer commercial or private goods or services is not allowed.

4. The general protection of personal data applies on our pages. We thus ask you please not to publish any personal and non-public data – including data of third persons. This also includes private correspondence, such as e-mails, chats, letters and the like.

5. Please do not post any copyright-protected contents, such as films, photos or texts for which you do not own the rights or there is no express permission of the copyright holder.

6. If you have concrete questions for our editorial team, please write us using the private message function or send an e-mail to us at socialmedia_ The comments section under the articles is often not the right place for your specific questions.

Comments and posts that violate our rules of netiquette will be deleted. In addition, we reserve the right permanently to exclude users who commit grave or repeated violations of our rules of netiquette from our comments section. Unlawful contents will, moreover, be reported to the appropriate platform and a criminal complaint may be filed.

Consent to publication of photos, videos and audio recordings

Here you can find our Consent to publication of photos, videos and audio recordings

Corporate Design

The use of social media accounts by institutions and projects of the Berlin University of the Arts requires the application of certain design guidelines. This principally concerns the use and placement of the Berlin University of the Arts logo. On request, the Marketing / Central Events office provides University of the Arts staff members with the corresponding excerpt from the Corporate Design Manual, along with graphics templates and examples of use.

Contact: corporate.design_

Social Media Requests