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#UdKinSolidaritywithUkraine – Statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and support, help and solidarity for students, scientists and artists

3. März 2022


Berlin, 3 March 2022

For more than a week now, the university members of the Berlin University of the Arts have been following with horror the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is contrary to international law, and Vladimir Putin's aggressive Russian policy, which we strongly condemn. In doing so, the UdK Berlin joins the statements of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German University Association (DHV) and the partner institution ELIA Art Schools, among others.

"We care about the people in Ukraine whose lives are now threatened and about Ukrainian students and teachers, their families and loved ones. We stand in solidarity with all those affected in Ukraine as well as with the people in Russia who are also risking their lives with demonstrations against the war. We also condemn the structural racism BIPoC face when fleeing Ukraine to neighbouring countries. Concrete assistance measures to support students, academics, artists and cultural workers currently in Ukraine or fleeing are now being implemented. These include a solidarity fund, accommodation for refugees, psychological support and advice on visa and residence issues. In addition, there are initiatives by students and teachers at the university. The Presidential Board of the UdK Berlin, represented by President Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz, First Vice President Prof. Dr. Ariane Jeßulat and Vice President Prof. Dr. Rebekka Hüttmann expressly support this."

In coordinating aid measures, Berlin University of the Arts is in close exchange and association with the Senate, the State of Berlin, cultural institutions and the other Berlin universities. In addition, the UdK Berlin is also in contact with art and music colleges throughout Europe, as well as with partner institutions and institutions from the fields of culture and science. The support measures for Ukrainian students, academics and artists include advice on visa and residence issues and psychological support. In addition, the UdK Berlin is exploring support programmes and accommodation options for refugees and persons at risk. An emergency fund has also been set up. The UdK Berlin is calling for support through a donation.
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Many university members of the UdK Berlin are currently organising solidarity actions. Benefit concerts, art donation auctions and thematic discussion evenings are currently being organised within the UdK Berlin and in cooperation with Berlin’s Art- and Academic institutions.

A total of 18 students with Ukrainian citizenship study at the UdK Berlin. The university is in exchange with them. The university currently has no direct partner university in Ukraine, but in association with partner universities in neighbouring countries, the UdK Berlin supports students and teachers from Ukrainian art and music universities.

Solidarity activities as well as a list of aid measures are published on the UdK website and on the social media channels of the

 UdK Berlin and can be found under #udkinsolidaritywithukraine. The overview will be updated continuously. The UdK website also lists the statements of the HRK, the DAAD of ELIA, the German University Association and others.

 If you need help or would like to offer support, please contact: