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Online databases

Online databases in the University library

The UdK library offers the following online databases.

You can access the databases from any computer in the UdK network (without log on) by following the link stored with the respective database name.  

Within the library building, it is possible from any workstation on the 4th floor, provided you have authenticated yourself.

Access from outside: members of the UdK Berlin with a corresponding Online Access Service (OASE) account receive access from outside if they dial into the UdK Berlin network via a VPN gateway or - if offered below - use the Shibboleth method.  Here you authenticate yourself directly with the access data to your UdK account and are independent of the UdK network. (Alumni and former employees are no longer members of the UdK. Unfortunately, this service is unavailable to them. However, if they have a valid library card for TU/UdK, they are able to use our offered databases. The access to the databases is restricted to the library building only.)

Links to freely accessible information on the internet can also be found in the link list of the of the UdK library. More information about each database can be found in the Database Information System (DBIS).


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