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Online databases

The UdK University Library offers access to the databases and streaming services listed below. Please take note of the current temporary services. Updates are possible. Please also note that some offers may only be available in German.

Our Database Information System (DBIS) also provides access to both the UdK library's licensed databases and a wide range of publicly available resources.

In order to use the databases, different access requirements must be met. These are added in brackets after the respective database and are structured as follows:

  • Freely accessible:
    Offers marked as "freely accessible" can be used free of charge by all users, regardless of their location or their network. Further freely accessible services can be found in the new Digital Services in the Arts (only in German).
  • UdK-Network:
    Offers with the note (UdK-Netz) can only be used free of charge from within the UdK-Network. Provided you have authenticated yourself for internet use at the library, you can access the UdK-Network on the computers located on the 4th floor. UdK members can tunnel into the UdK-Network via VPN. Further information and instructions for setting up the VPN client can be found here (only in German).
  • Shibboleth:
    Offers with the note (Shibboleth) can be used free of charge only by UdK members. You will need the data for your O.A.Se account (Online Access Services). Access to these services is unaffected by the network in which your computer is located.

If you have any questions on how to access the new services, please contact ub-teaching_

Important note: UdK alumni are no longer considered members of the UdK. They can therefore only use the electronic resources on site with a valid library card, on the computers located on the 4th floor.


Access to licensed online services of the UdK according to member status

TU-MembersExternal Members
Location-independent with VPN

At the University Library with eduroam + VPN

At the University Library with Free Wifi + VPN

On the UdK campus with eduroam

Manual login if available (Shibboleth)

At the UB on a stationary Computer on the fourth floor
(desktop with UBUNTU)

On the UdK campus with eduroam
With eduroam-AccessWithout eduroam-Access
On the UdK campus with eduroamIn the Main Library at a stationary computer study space on the 4th floor.

Supplementary information:

  • Whether access with VPN (IP) or Shibboleth is possible depends on the respective provider. Please inform yourself by means of our sorted list (see below).
  • Information about the configuration of eduroam and VPN can be found on the pages of the Online Access Service of the UdK (O.A.Se).
  • For information about online resources of the TU, please contact the TU.


Streaming services:

Temporary offers:

  • AVA (Shibboleth, UdK-Network, until 31.12.2023)



Temporary offers:

Educational science


Temporary offers:


Temporary offers:

  • Artists of the World (UdK-Network, Shibboleth, until 31.12.2023)
  • IBA International Bibliography of Art (Shibboleth, UdK-Network, until 31.12.2023)


Streaming services: