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Information about O.A.Se

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The following information is provided by the Registration and Examination Office (IPA). For further information, please go directly to the O.A.Se. website.

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Attention: The countdown for automatic e-mail forwarding is running

Change as of 15 March 2024

Important information for any UdK members who have previously forwarded emails from their UdK address to their private email account: In order to send sensitive information in line with data protection legislation, the UdK Berlin will disable all automated email forwarding on 15 March 2024. Emails will no longer be automatically forwarded to alternative email accounts from this date. This step is important for data protection purposes. Official and academic concerns may only be forwarded through the UdK server. This is to keep internal information that directly affects UdK Berlin and/or its addressees from reaching external servers. As a result, all university members are urgently requested to use only their UdK e-mail address for UdK content in the future. This also applies to students.

What is O.A.Se and why do I need an account?

O.A.Se is the account management for UdK members who do not work in the administration. Your personal O.A.Se account provides an UdK email address, access to the campus management system, the UdK Cloud, the Moodle e-learning system and much more.
You can find more information here.

How do you get the access data?

Newly enrolled students receive their login data as an account letter automatically by post as soon as enrolment has been successfully carried out. You have to activate your account to get access to all functions.

Re-registered students:
If you have previously studied at the UdK, please go to the UdK O.A.Se User Portal website.

Important: The O.A.Se account can be applied for at the earliest on the working day after successful enrolment.

You forgot your password after activation?

If you have forgotten your password after activating your account, you must request a new one via E-Mail or website. You will receive the new password by post.

What services are available and what can you do with them?

Campusmanagementsystem my.udk
Here you can update your personal contact details at any time, download certificates (e.g. certificate of study, Bafög certificates, Transcript of records or Corona regular study time extension according to §126a BerlHG),  check your re-registration status and register for courses and exams in some degree programs.
Important: After creating your account, you will receive your QR code for the CampusCard here. Further information:

The webmailer is your online access to your O.A.Se e-mail box. The O.A.Se email address is used for communication between the administration, teachers and students. The Student Administration will send you the re-registration and general information to this address, among other things. In addition, you will receive important news from the general distribution lists. Please check your inbox regularly.

WLAN at the UdK (eduroam)  
The UdK operates its own WLAN infrastructure, all information can be found on the O.A.Se website. You can connect to the WLAN via smartphone, tablet or laptop.

UdK Cloud  
The UdK provides its members with a location-independent storage area. Each user has 10 GB of storage space at his disposal.

Cisco Webex  
Cisco Webex is offered by the UdK for video conferences as well as for e-learning formats. You can use the software web-based or as an APP via smartphone.

Moodle e-Learning 
Moodle is used to support online course formats at the UdK. The teaching staff can send you a course key if you participate in a corresponding course.

University course catalog  
You find the courses offered at the UdK Berlin in the course catalog. Subject classes and individual lessons offered by the individual degree programs are usually  not displayed in the course catalogue In general these specific information are provided by the degree program itself.

VPD – Databases in the University Library  
You have access to various databases and streaming services of the university library. You will find an overview in the given link.

Instructions for use and help with settings can be obtained with the tutorials. If you have any problems, please you contact the support of the respective service directly (see website links).

Account termination

Student accounts will be deleted after a transition period of 180 days after exmatriculation. You will receive a notification e-mail from the O.A.Se on the day after your exmatriculation and 30 days before the end of the transition period that your account will be terminated. Please follow the instructions in the notification email.

If you register with the Alumni Service, you have the option of continuing to use your account and to continue using your UdK email address.

In this case, please send an email to O.A.Se
Information about Alumni-Service

Further information

O.A.Se (Online Access Service)