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Guest auditors

GUEST AUDITOR+ for refugees

Refugee students can participate in courses at the UdK Berlin as GUEST AUDITORS+ in the summer semester of 2022, subject to the approval of the teaching staff. This is also possible for art classes after approval by the faculty and the teachers. Furthermore, it is possible for GUEST AUDITORS+ to take part in examinations and have this certified by the lecturers. The application for guest auditor status must be completed by the applicant, signed by the lecturers and then submitted to the IPA. Please provide us with proof of Ukrainian citizenship (passport copy) or refugee status.

Contact persons for refugee music students

For those who do not find their subject/instrument in the following list: Dean of the Faculty of Music, Prof. Eckart Hübner

Office of the Institute for Orchestral Instruments: Mr. Tikal

By instrument:

Flute: Prof. Christina Fassbender
Oboe: Prof. Washington Barella
Clarinet: Prof. Francois Benda
Bassoon: Prof. Eckart Hübner
Saxophone: Mr. Johannes Ernst
Mr. Detlef Bensmann
Percussion: Prof. Simone Rubino
Harp: Ms. Marion Ravot
Horn: Prof. Christian Dallmann
Trumpet: Prof. Gabor Tarkövi
Trombone: Prof. Schulz
Violin: Prof. Mirjam Contzen
Viola: Prof. Hartmut Rohde
Prof. Rebekka Adler
Cello: Prof. Konstantin Heidrich
Double bass: Mr. Otto Tolonen

Early Music
(All Instruments): Prof. Xenia Löffler
Ms. Natalie Pfeiffer

Guitar: Prof. Rainer Feldmann
Piano: Prof. Björn Lehmann
Prof. Markus Groh
Elena Gaponenko