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Guest Auditors

Registration period for guest auditor for SoSe 2024

Applications must be received by the Registration and Examination Office (IPA) between 01 April 2024 and 15 May 2024.
Please send the application to the person responsible for the study programme.

GUEST AUDITOR+ for refugees

Refugee students can participate in courses at the UdK Berlin as GUEST AUDITORS+ subject to the approval of the teaching staff. This is also possible for art classes after approval by the faculty and the teachers. Furthermore, it is possible for GUEST AUDITORS+ to take part in examinations and have this certified by the lecturers. The application for guest auditor status must be completed by the applicant, signed by the lecturers and then submitted to the IPA.

Who can take part and what proof is required?

  • Persons with refugee status in Germany ("travel document for refugees", also known as a "convention passport" or "blue passport")
  • Persons with residence status according to §24 Residence Act ("fiction certificate")
  • Ukrainian nationals (passport or "fictitious certificate")
  • Third-country nationals from Ukraine (certificate of study from the Ukrainian university)
  • Russian nationals (passport or "fictitious certificate")
  • Israeli citizens (passport or "fictitious certificate")
  • Persons from Gaza and the West Bank (passport of the Palestinian Authority and identity card)


  • Guest student status+ may be applied for up to a maximum of twelve monthsafterarrival in Germany. Otherwise, a regular application must be submitted.
  • Participation is limited to a maximum of two semesters.
  • The right to participate expires in the event of more than two unexcused absences.
  • There is no entitlement to participate in the Guest Auditor+ programme.

What fees must be paid?

Persons with refugee status in Germany or with residence status in accordance with §24 of the Residence ActFee payment not applicable due to §3a framework fee rate of the UdK Berlin
Persons who have neither refugee status in Germany nor residence status in accordance with §24 of the Residence Act15 EUR per semester hour

Please find the application form for guest auditors + for refugees here.

You can find information on how to apply for guest auditor status and a link to the contact persons at the Admisdsions Office (IPA)  here.
Please note that the information on restrictions (e.g. no participation in artistic teaching) does not apply to the guest auditor+ !

Contact persons in the study courses:

You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Fine Arts here.

You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Performing Arts here.

You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Architecture, Media and Design here.

You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Music here.

The contact person for the study programmes at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) is Sabine Trautwein.
Please note the following information: HZT - Special information on participation in courses

Information on guest auditor+ in the Leadership in Digital Innovation degree programme can be found here. The contact person is Sarah Giersch.

The contact person for the study programme Sound Studies and Sonic Arts are Jan Thoben and Prof. Georg Klein

Fit für die Künste

Would you like to apply for a course of study at a German university of music or art? Our free Study orientation and Study Skills programme for refugees at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) will help you prepare for an artistic course of study. Please find further information regarding the programme here.

Guest Auditors

Those who are not registered as students at any university in Berlin or the Federal Republic of Germany can become guest auditors. Berlin University of the Arts offers interested individuals an opportunity, within four weeks of the start of the teaching period (exact deadline can be found in the course guide), to register for individual offers of teaching as a guest auditor. All offers of teaching are open to guests, insofar as the lecturer is in agreement and there are free places. There are some restrictions, however. Guest auditors are not entitled to individual tuition (instrumental, vocal or scenic lessons) or studio classes and workshops. In addition, no examinations can be taken.  The course guide which appears at the start of every semester contains the full range of teaching courses on offer. The fee for guest auditors is 15 euros per semester for each hour per week attended during a semester.  Example: If you want to take a course that always takes place on Mondays from 12.00-14.00, you have to pay 30,-€ once for the participation in the whole semester, for a higher number of hours per week accordingly more.
Please find the information sheet  here.

Please find the application form for guest auditors here.

Guest Auditors (Students of an other German university)

Students who are enrolled at an other German university may participate as a so called
“Nebenhörer” in a limited number or courses on agreement of the teacher. This applies to Erasmus students, too.

Please find the information sheet (German only) here

Please find the application form for guest auditors (Students of an other German university) here.

HZT - Special information on participation in courses

To attend courses at the HZT as a guest student, you must submit your application without the teachers' signatures to Ms Trautwein  by 31 March for the summer semester or by 30 September for the winter semester. Please include a short letter of motivation (max. 1/2 page, German or English) with your application and supporting documents.

Applications will be forwarded to the IPA for approval. Only after approval can the guest studentship begin.


Moodle account:

In order to participate in digital courses, you need to have access to the Moodle system of the UdK Berlin. For this you have to fill out the application form at  and send it to our support team by e-mail  
The form can be found on the Moodle homepage on the right hand side under the login in the main menu. 

University course catalog

The course catalogue that is published at the beginning of every Semester comprises the whole range of courses.

You can find the course catalogue and the lecture times here.


Contact the IPA

Please submit your Guest Auditors or Guest Auditors (Students of an other German university) applications to the responsible person at the IPA, who you can find under the following link.