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Mia Gap

Mia Gap: Lotta Crafty X Shrink, 2023, Installation View, Various Dimensions, Technique: Digital Compositions printed, and Laser Cutter and CNC Milling Machine (shapes)

 source: Robert Hamacher

Mia Gap: taking a ride on the passenger side, 2022, Installation view, Various Dimensions, Technique: Digital compositions transformed into silicone casts, digital compositions printed, drawings/collages.

 source: Mia Gap

Mia Gap: Welt ohne Mensch, collaborative self-organized Exhibition at Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, 2019, kinetic sculptures by Mia Gap

 source: Michael Heinsen

In her works for the collaborative, self-organized exhibition “World without Humans,” Mia Gap explores a posthuman world where her kinetic, algorithm-driven pieces, functioning without human intervention, reflect the autonomous existence of machines and systems in a human-free world. In the image series “Taking a ride on the passenger side,” she employs multi-perspective and cross-epochal imagery from Los Angeles. Through multiple conversions from digital to analogue, visual bodies emerge, representing compositions that, through their reduction to symbols and colors, possess a stereotypical character while also appearing spontaneous and staged. This process underscores how digital technologies and media alter our notions of reality and authenticity, and how stereotypes arise in our society, influencing our perception of people and places. In today’s world, information consumption primarily occurs online, with many presented solely in the form of images. In Mia Gap’s installation “Lotta Crafty X Shrink,” digital image compositions are created from photographic and drawn material and presented in spatial installations. This imbues the digital compositions with a new material presence and dimensionality, particularly through multi-sided printed image bodies, whose meanings shift as one moves around them. The various printed sides underscore the pictorial nature of the material while also highlighting the limitation of the selected excerpts. 

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