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Paula Salomon-Lindberg

Paula Salomon-Lindberg was born in Frankenthal on December 21, 1897. She first studied mathematics and acting, but in 1926 began training as a singer with professors Ochs and Raatz-Brockmann at the Berlin Academy of Music, a predecessor of today’s UdK Berlin. In 1930, Salomon-Lindberg began a career as a singer in Germany and other European countries. However, in 1933 she was banned from performing by the Nazi regime and went to work for the Kulturbund Deutscher Juden (Cultural Association of German Jews) until her emigration to Amsterdam in 1939. After the invasion of Holland by German troops, Paula Salomon-Lindberg was interned in the concentration camp Westerbork, but she and her husband succeeded in escaping to southern Holland, where she became an active member of the Resistance. In 1945 she returned to Amsterdam to live and was a professor of voice in Salzburg into the 1980s. Paula Salomon-Lindberg died in Amsterdam on April 17, 2000.