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Opera in two parts by Peter Eötvös
Based on the play by Tony Kushner
Libretto by Mari Mezei · Commande du Théâtre du Châtelet

A production of the Voice and Opera programme in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra of the UdK Berlin and the Costume Design and Stage Design programme.

The story of Prior, who's boyfriend Louis has left him seriously ill. Upset and desperate however, with the Angels he is dealing with his life.
The story of Louis, who leaves Prior in greatest trouble. The shadow of his guilt, that yet he can't escape.
The story of Harper, who is drowning her fears and frustrated Love for her spouse Joe in Valium and delusion.
The story of Joe, who is trying in despair not to be gay and being a good spouse to Harper, until he desperately breaks the chains.
And of Roy Cohn, a gay homophobic and unscrupulous lawyer by the side of McCarthys in the 80s of New York City, mentor to Donald Trump.
Denying himself even while perishing of AIDS.

Each one of them is haunted by demons of guilt, fear of death, angels of hope, visions of a life on the other side of the world, Antarctica, Utopia, Atlantis,
there, where feelings freeze. Where there is nothing to be sad about nore to be blinded by.
Above all this hovers the end, a dance on the vulcano, the life in a progressive world, destroyed by disease and human ambition, lost, abandoned by God,
that should save itself but simply does not. Besides the angels presage the nuclear accident of Tschernobyl, the Apocalypse.
Nevertheless. The doomed Prior is fighting for his life: 'Bless me anyway'.

The celebrated composer Peter Eötvös puts the focus of his opera - after his premiere 2004 in Paris, worldwide staged and debut peformance in Berlin -
on the landscape of the souls of Tony Kushner's characters from his eponymous Epos. Eötvös denses the seven-hour original to a portrait of a
self-compacting world, in which the will to live and the depth of human hope triumphs.

Musical direction: Christian Schumann
Direction: Isabel Hindersin
Stage design: Iris Christidi
Costume design: Sophie Peters

With: Xenia Cumento/Lisa Ziehm, Devi Suriani/Yehui Jeong, Verena Tönjes/Yixuan Zhu, Benjamin de Wilde/Christoph Brunner, Benjamin Popson/Kyoungloul Kim, Alexander Fedorov/Gregor Novak, Eduardo Rojas/TaeKyu Kim, Daniel Nicholson/Jinsei Park, the Voice and Opera programme in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra of the UdK Berlin.



Premieres on June 27th & 28th
Additional performances on June 29th &  30th
All performances at 19.30
UNI.T - Theatre of the UdK Berlin, Fasanenstr. 1 B, 10623 Berlin

* live stream at

Admission: 12 euros, 6 euros reduced price
To pre-order write to or call (030) 3185 2374 (answering machine)
Online ticket sales (plus pre-sale and system fee):


At this matinee, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the production in the presence of the production team. You can win tickets to ANGELS IN AMERICA, staged from June 27th to 30th in the UNI.T theatre.

Culinary acompaniment
Following the matinee  American Food will be served at Joseph's.


June 23rd, 11 am
UdK Berlin, Probensaal (Rehearsal Hall), Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin 

Admission: free