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Course Catalog and Lecture Periods

Always up to date: In the digital course catalog you can find all lectures of the Berlin University of the Arts.

Lecture Periods

Summer semester 2016
Beginning: 18th of April 2016 (Monday)
End: 23rd of July 2016 (Saturday)
Lecture-free time: public holidays

Winter semester 2016/2017
Beginning: 17th of October 2016 (Monday)
End: 18th February 2017 (Saturday)
Academic holidays: 19th of December 2016 (Monday) till 2nd of January 2017 (Monday)

Summer semester 2017
Beginning: 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday)
End: 22nd of July 2017 (Saturday)
Lecture-free time: public holidays

Winter semester 2017/2018:
Beginning: 16th of October 2017 (Monday)
End: 17th of February 2018 (Saturday)
Academic holidays: 27th of December 2017 (Wednesday) till 6th of January 2018 (Saturday)

Summer semester 2018:
Beginning: 16th of April 2018 (Monday)
End: 21st of July 2018 (Saturday)
Lecture-free time: public holidays
Academic holidays: 27th of December (Wednesday) till 6th of January 2018 (Tuesday)