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Graphics Package

Handschrift: Hira Noor, Urdu, (Fakultät Bildende Kunst, Art in Context)

 source: Momo Anders und Leon Hochhäuser

The following graphics for the Rundgang – Open Days of the UdK Berlin 2024 are available on request. The graphics may be used by members and contributors of the UdK Berlin as well as in the context of press coverage of the Rundgang– Open Days of the UdK Berlin 2024, provided that credit is given.

__ Rundgang 2024 – Social Media Package
__ Rundgang 2024 – Motif Banner
__ Rundgang 2024 – Rectangle motif
__ Rundgang 2024 – Mail signature (for internal UdK Berlin use only)

Send a usage enquiry to rundgang_ with your name and intended use.

Credit indication for all media:
Berlin University of the Arts, Rundgang – Open Days of the UdK Berlin 2024, Design: Momo Anders and Leon Hochhäuser.