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Design 2015

source: Foto: Mireya Gomes Palmeira, Gestaltung: maluma&takete

Mireya Gomes Palmeira, class of Prof. Uwe Vock

The enjoyment of the Rundgang - Open Days is, as it were, written in to the motif of Mireya Gomes Palmeira. With great verve, these female aqua gymnasts optimise fitness and stamina for the open door day at the UdK Berlin. The vibrancy of the motif immediately resulted in several variations, which in the run-up to theRundgang could be seen on advertisements, poster walls or flyers. Mireya Gomes Palmeira's idea was realised by her fellow students from maluma & takete, Melisa Karakuş and Danny Schuster. They are also studying in the klassewerbung, and were inspired by the positive mood for the further realisation.