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Christina Krys Huber

Christina Krys Huber works in the field of painting and video. Their surreal-looking sceneries feature oversized figures captured in motion. The color transitions reminiscent of digital surfaces, on the other hand, seem fleeting, as if the gesture created by the drying of hide glue could have disappeared in the next moment. Their free interpretations of figures and color formations can be associated with science fiction scenarios, digital surfaces, night scenes, or the image of a fleeting memory. Often it is present performers or natural scientific phenomena that form the starting points of their works. Similar to an archaeologist, they wander in their works on the traces of our society, its social constructions of space, gender and power relations.

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Installationsansicht Meisterschüler:innenausstellung, Christina Huber, UdK Berlin, 2021

 source: Christina Huber

Rechtsherum, 2021, Nelkenöl und Hautleim auf Leinwand, Holz geleimt, 40,3 × 27 cm Zitter, 2020, Öl auf Leinwand, 30 × 21 cm

 source: Christina Huber