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Felix Becker

Defective abstractions


untitled: oil on cardboard on linen
000: 240 x 210 cm and wood, 150 x 220 x 220 cm

The paddleboat I have carved into the monochrome painting, which consists of impasto, smoothly painted oil paint, is of such small size that it slips from the eye as soon as one moves away from the canvas. I thus question the importance of proportionality of interventions within a painting. Can painting be figurative, or narrative, without the figure determining the picture?

In the installation of the final works stands slightly offset in front of the canvas my wooden sculpture 000, which is composed of wedges of fruit and vegetable crates. They are absolute opposites in form: splinters, metal staples and screws vs. linen fabric and smooth layer of oil paint. This difference creates a potentially tactile relationship between sculpture and image.

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Felix Becker, ohne Titel, 2021

 source: Andreas Baudisch

Felix Becker, ohne Titel (000), Holzdetail, 2021

 source: Felix Becker

Felix Becker, ohne Titel, 2021

 source: Andreas Baudisch