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Steven Thelen

Steven Thelen is one of the three winners of the UdK Berlin: The President’s Fine Arts Award 2021. Here we present selected works by him.

Standard Ideal, Installationansicht, 2021

 source: Steven Thelen

Standard Ideal, cône (Detail), Aluminium, Marmor, Wasser, 55x220cm, 2021

 source: Steven Thelen

Standard Ideal, Videodisplay (Detail), Aluminium, 125x90cm, 2021

 source: Steven Thelen

Je suis fontaine

 source: Steven Thelen

The work corpus Standard Ideal is the consequence of a continuous examination of the conceptual field of habitat. Exhibiting as practice, living and housing as cultural practice, furnishing and conquering exhibition and living spaces intertwine with questions of contemporary human habitat.
Starting from a critique of the architectural culture of modernism and its paradigm of hygiene, Standard Ideal sets itself in a critical relationship to the legacy of an epoch that still significantly shapes the surfaces of our present in analog and digital, private and public spaces.

Questions of durability and updating increasingly lose their criteria in the everyday superimposition of digital and analog spatiality. In the process, the needs of the individual repeatedly come up against the problems of standardization and norming of constructed life processes. In what is who "at home"?

Standard Ideal refers to the video work "Europa White" (2019) as its original and entangles complex cultural-historical questions with clarified sculptural questions into a larger installative unity; which is primarily dedicated to the production of a mood as a possible content dimension. In the calmness of the reference objects as an insistence on the place, the area-less space of ornamental fountains pouring over themselves, is the condensation area of the installation conceived for the atrium of Hardenbergstrasse 33, which plays its game in the plausulation of formal references.

Standard Ideal is an ongoing research in collaboration Maria Jooyoung.

Steven Thelen had studied in the class of Prof. Manfred Pernice.