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Responding to Crisis

source: Athena Grandis & Aeneas Stankowski

Interventions for Sustainable Futures

Two days on the climate crisis and alternative ways of thinking and acting – and what we can do ourselves. With participants from initiatives for a new understanding of sustainability and coexistence.

All students are warmly invited to a two-day event, kicking off the winter semester in the framework of the pre-project for a new Einstein Center Climate Change. With lectures, workshops, performances, and installations we’ll be thinking about how each of us can respond to the multifaceted impacts of climate change, and how we can push back politically, artistically, and through design and activism. After all, climate change has long evolved from a purely ecological problem into a social, geopolitical, economical, and fundamentally cultural problem. We are dealing with a wicked problem, that is, an issue that has variegated impacts and is influenced by variegated factors. This complexity is all too often met with resignation, fatalism, or cynicism. Still, there exists a variety of initiatives and projects, such as in political activism, policy-making, civic involvement, education, research, arts, and design, highlighting concrete problems and finding meaningful answers. Responding to crisis – Interventions for sustainable futures brings together participants from these areas and offers students and employees the opportunity to interact with them and to brainstorm their own ideas and projects and discuss them.

The two-day event aims to make space for different formats of presentation and participation, and will be divided into three tracks/topics: (i) Mapping the Anthropocene, (ii) Spaces of Cohabitation, (iii) Transforming Initiatives. More information about the program and registration for individual parts of the program will be announced. We warmly invite students and colleagues to contribute their own suggestions for the program.

The planning of this event will be taking into consideration the most up-to-date corona regulations for schools and colleges from the Berlin Senate. The setting of the event in person or online will be conditional on these regulations as well..

Further information on the program and registration for individual program points here.

22. & 23.10.2021 

Berlin Open Lab (inkl. des neuen BOL-Gartens!)
Universität der Künste Berlin, Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin

Contacts for proposals for cooperation
Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost, Dr. Daniel Irrgang (irrgang_

Registration is required for participation. Students and all other interested persons are invited. The event will take place under consideration of the 2G rule (admission only for vaccinated or recovered persons). Please bring the appropriate documentation.