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Halle & Quergalerie

source: Johannes Bock

Halle & Quergalerie, Hardenbergstr. 33

Experiencing the work of young artists, discovering new talents, and exploring innovative artistic perspectives—all such opportunities and more await art lovers who visit the UdK building in Hardenbergstraße. Far from the hustle and bustle of other galleries and outside the established institutions, emerging artists present their work in fascinating group exhibits. Whether you visit the annual exhibition by the graduating classes or an exhibit by the most talented “Meisterschüler,” and whether you come to see a class presentation or a show spanning several classes—in this youthful and often provocative forum you will find the entire range of artistic expression, from sculpture to performance.  

During the annual “Rundgang – Open Days” of the UdK Berlin, always at the end of the summer semester, the university opens its workshops, studios, rehearsal stages, and seminar rooms to the public for three days. During that time, the building on Hardenbergstraße becomes the place to be for Berlin’s many curious and interested art enthusiasts.