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Marketing consulting

You are a university member and need advice on marketing?

We advise all colleges and departments in the planning of marketing measures, communication concepts, cross-media campaigns, development of new communication instruments for a target group-specific approach or conduct a creative workshop with you. The following aspects, for example, can be worked out in the process:

  • Determining the target group
  • Analysing competitors
  • Define communication channels
  • Working out the right advertising messages
  • Observe and evaluate results


Where can members of the UdK Berlin find templates and working aids?

You can find the UdK Berlin templates and working aids in the following ways:

If you have an UdK Berlin e-mail address without the addition intra, you can order a password here. After receiving the password, you can log in here and get access to the internal area where you can download the UdK Berlin business stationery, PPTX templates and find explanations on how to obtain UdK Berlin business cards etg...

If you have a UdK Berlin e-mail address with intra, the templates are automatically pre-installed on your computer in the internal ZUV folder. Just open any Word file. Go to New and then to Office Templates UdK.

If you are a member of the university and do not yet have a UdK Berlin e-mail address yet, please contact  oase_




Dr. Michaela Conen, Head of Strategic Marketing at the UdK Berlin

Phone: (030) 3185-2804

E-Mail: michaela.conen_