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Gift Rebels

The Gift Rebels collection was developed by five students in Prof. Ineke Hans' Design & Social Context course. The collection includes valuable and meaningful gifts and creates new approaches to consumption with an experimental sales concept. The sale of the products supports the non-profit organisation Pass the Crayon*.

Lisa Marie Böhm

“I think it is important to feel comfortable in your environment and skin.”

Lisa is a Berlin-based product design student at UdK. Her work focuses on natural materials and experimentation with simple, organic forms. Her practice is dedicated to creating objects that convey feelings through an imaginative, playful, and honest aesthetic.

Her designs for the Gift Rebels collection, available at UdK:shop, include Book Stool and Wrap It.

Xueqi Huangfu

“As I learn how to design products, I also gradually learn about myself.”

Xueqi is a Chinese product designer studying at UdK in Berlin. After graduating with an industrial design major in China, she moved to Germany in 2016 to continue her design studies and enjoy the local culture. Her practice is dedicated to discovering beauty and inspiration in everyday problems.

Her designs Ciao Puzzles and the Sharing Stool for the Gift Rebels collection are available at UdK:shop.

Agnes Kelm

“I want to create objects with impact that help people to actively adapt their environment in the best way.”

Born in Berlin, Agnes is a product design student at UdK. Playful and well crafted, her work is influenced by considerations for the earth, culture, and society and is inspired by her regular walks through nature and the city.

Her designs for the Gift Rebels collectionMatch, Bock Bank and Sticking Birdsare all available at UdK:shop.

Anna Koppmann

“Products should be designed in such a way that they bring joy to both the consumer and our planet.”

Born in Munich, Anna studies product design at UdK in Berlin. Understanding environments is often the starting point for her projects. Her aim is to create objects that inspire curiosity and promote knowledge while addressing urgent social and sustainable questions.

Her design Mischwald for the Gift Rebels collection is available at UdK:shop.

Isabel Meierkroll

“As a privileged person from the western hemisphere and as someone who went through a creative education, I feel a duty to use my skills to invest in a better world.”

Born in Ulm, Isabel studies product design at UdK in Berlin. She originally planned to become a fashion designer, but eventually found textiles to be too narrow a focus and transferred to drama school. After ten years, he returned to design, preferring to make feelings and poetry manifest in physical objects.

Her projects PicPic and Ritual Cream Drops from the Gift Rebels collection are available at UdK:shop.

*Pass the Crayon

Pass the Crayon is a non-profit organisation that promotes the creative self-expression of refugee children through art workshops.
Our goal is to promote the integration of refugee children by supporting their social and emotional development. We use art to do this. Pass the Crayon's creative group work helps the children to become more confident and self-assured. Qualities they need to integrate into a new society. Pass the Crayon believes that all children have an innate creativity that helps them overcome difficulties and become a full member of our society. Here you can find more information about the organisation: