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Duties of the President

The President provides overall leadership and guidance for the Berlin University of the Arts and represents the institution in external matters. The office of the president of the UdK Berlin is governed by provisions in §§ 52 to 56 of the Higher Education Act of the Federal State of Berlin (BerlHG) in the version of 26 July 2011. Notwithstanding BerlHG § 52 para. 3., and as allowed under the so-called testing clause (Erprobungsklausel, § 7a), the UdK Berlin has opted for a five-year term of office, as stated in its Partial Basic Regulations (Teilgrundordnung). Re-election is permitted. The duties of the President and the university management are described in § 56 BerlHG:  

(1) The president of the higher education institution represents that institution unless otherwise prescribed by this Act.  

(2) The president of the higher education institution exercises the institution's domiciliary rights. He or she is responsible for the orderly operation of the university and must take necessary decisions to preserve or restore order.  

(3) The president of the higher education institution is obliged to appeal illegal decisions and actions of the executive bodies or other offices of the institution with suspensive effect or to annul them. In cases of unlawful failure to act, he or she must issue the necessary instructions or take the omitted action him/herself.  

(4) In urgent matters, the president of the higher education institution can take all requisite measures and make interim arrangements instead of the competent executive bodies or other relevant offices of the institution.  

(5) The presidents of the Freie Universität and the Humboldt-Universität of Berlin can transfer certain powers to the Executive Board of Directors of a University Hospital (Universitätsklinikum).  

(6) The president of the higher education institution has the right to speak, to request information, and to file motions in all meetings of all committees of the academic self-administration. He or she may arrange to be represented.  

(7) The powers of the president of the higher education institution, pursuant to paragraphs 3 and 4, shall not apply with respect to the Board of Trustees and its committees.