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Students' Electoral Board

About the Students' Electoral Board

The Students' Electoral Board (ger.: Studentischer Wahlvorstand, StudWV) is responsible for the organization and execution of the elections to Student Parliament (StuPa).

It is formed by at least 3 members which are elected by StuPa. These members have to be students of UdK and cannot run for office themselves.
For their work they are granted a compensation.

The Students' Election Board is normally installed several month prior to the next StuPa elections. To get one of its members, please contact the chair of Student Parliament at stupa_ on time.

Election workers

Each year we are looking for people who help us executing the StuPa elections. The task of election workers is to attend the polling station at the specific time and location, as well as to control the orderly course of the elections.
That is to supervise the electoral register, to always keep an eye on the ballot box and to explain the course of the elections to the voters if necessary.

Election workers get an introduction by the Students' Electoral Board. Furthermore they get a compensation of 10 Euros per hour.

To become election worker, please write to wahlvorstand_ after the announcement of the annual StuPa election.
Absolut trustworthiness is attended.


Studentischer Wahlvorstand UdK Berlin
c/o AStA UdK Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9d
D-10623 Berlin

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact the chair of StuPa or AStA.