Repertoire im Fach Violine

Preliminary selection, video recording

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach: 2 contrasting movements from a sonata or partita for violin solo (Chaconne does NOT count as two contrasting movements)
  2. First movement from Prokofjew Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major or Robert Schumann Violin Concerto in D minor
  3. First movement from one of the following pieces:

Franz Schubert:
·   Duo A major D 574 or
·   Rondo B minor or
·   Rondo A major
Ludwig van Beethoven:
·  Sonata No. 6 A major op. 30 No. 1 or
·  Sonata No. 7 C minor op. 30 No. 2 or
·  Sonata No. 9 A major op. 47 or
·  Sonata No. 10 G major op. 96


If possible, all pieces should be recorded in one recording session in the same room.  If this is not possible and the individual pieces are recorded in different sessions, they should still all be uploaded under one link (not three different links). The recording must not be older than six months. In your own interest for the quality, we recommend recording in a studio or hall that provides good acoustic conditions.

First round

Approx. 20 candidates

Max. 25 min. playing time. Longer programs will be shortened by the jury.

1. One of the following Fugas by Johann Sebastian Bach:
· Fuga from Sonata No. 1 G minor BWV 1001
· Fuga from Sonata No. 2 A minor BWV 1003
· Fuga from Sonata No. 3 C major BWV 1005

2. Niccolò Paganini: One of the 24 Caprices for solo violin op. 1

3. One movement from one of the following sonatas:
· Gabriel Fauré: Sonata No. 1 A major op. 13
· Claude Debussy: Sonata G minor L 140
· Maurice Ravel: Sonata No. 2 G major
· César Franck: Sonata A major

4. First movement of a Mozart Concerto:
· Nr. 1 KV 207
· Nr. 3 KV 217
· Nr. 4 KV 218
· Nr. 5 KV 219

Second round

Approx. 8 candidates

A stylistically diverse recital of 60 minutes (55 minutes of music) including:

5. Paul Rodriguez Flys: Präludium (7 min)

Compulsory composition written for the International Max Rostal Competition. The music will be sent with the confirmation of admission to the competition. It can be played with or without music. The piece must not be performed in public prior to the competition.

6. A piece from the following list:

  • John Corigliano: The Red Violin Caprices
  • Béla Bartók: Sonata for Solo Violin Sz. 117 (1st and 2nd movement)
  • Eugène Ysaÿe: One of the sonatas for solo violin op. 27
  • Arthur Honegger: Sonata for violin H. 143
  • Karl Amadeus Hartmann: Sonatas for violin solo No.1 or No. 2
  • Paul Hindemith:    

          · Sonata for Solo Violin op. 11 No. 6 or

          · Sonata for Solo Violin op. 31 No.1 or

          · Sonata for Solo Violin op. 31 No.2

  • Erwin Schulhoff: Sonata for Solo Violin WV 83

7. A virtuoso piece of choice with piano.


Maximum of 3 candidates

The last round will be played with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin with conductor Pavel Baleff.

8. Robert Schumann: Violin Concerto in D minor or Sergei Prokofjew:  Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major

The pieces from sections 1,2,4,7 and 8 should be performed by heart. It is recommended that candidates work from the Urtext edition.