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Art and Media (Absolvent*in)

Application periods and requirements


20 December - 20 January for the summer semester

20 May – 20 June for the winter semester

A digital information event for the Art and Media degree program will take place on Tuesday, 21.05.2024 at 17:00.
You can find more information here.


Application requirements
• University entrance qualification (“Abitur” equivalent). The university entrance qualification is not essential if applicants demonstrate outstanding artistic talent.
• Artistic talent
• Basic studies of at least 4 semesters (full-time, 120 LP according to ECTS) with a focus on audio-visual media in a course of studies at the Berlin University of the Arts or in a comparable course of studies at another university
• For international applicants: sufficient knowledge of German ( language certificate German A2 for application and language certificate German B2 for enrolment)


your application - step by step

All steps mentioned below must be taken within the application deadline of the respective study program.  It is recommended that you apply as early as possible within the application deadline so that you can clarify any questions that may arise with our StudyGuide in good time.


  1. Register and verify yourself (if you have not already done so in the past) in the Campus Management Portal of the UdK Berlin:
  2. Log in to the Campus Management Portal (, submit an application for admission to the desired degree program there within the application deadline and upload the following formal documents in a PDF (max. 20 MB) to the application portal during the application process:

    ● Detailed CV in tabular formwith a statement of motivation for taking the course
    ●  Unauthenticated photocopy of the school graduation certificate. (Application with a foreign school certificate can be found below). In exceptional cases, applicants may also be accepted without a university entrance qualification if they  demonstrate a special artistic talent.
    ●  Copy of proof of basic university studies of at least 4 semesters in the field of audio-visual media (credits, full-time, 120 LP according to ECTS)
    Bank statement as proof of payment of the fee of € 30 for processing the application (in case of transfer from abroad proof of payment) or turnover view (in case of online banking). Other proofs/receipts (such as transfer orders) are not accepted. (For further information:see under 4.)
    ● International applicants must also provide proof of their German language skills: language certificate German A2 for application and language certificate German B2 for enrolment. You can find more information here.
    Transfer students from other univercities must enclose proof of previous study and examination achievements. You can find more information here.
  3. Information on transferring the 30 € for participation in the admission procedure to the following account:
    Kasse der UdK Berlin
    Berliner Volksbank
    IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
    Reason for payment: 35/01036, art and media, name, application number

    Berliner Volksbank eG
    Budapester Straße 35
    10787 Berlin

    For foreign bank transfers:
    Please make sure that you pay all applicable transfer fees (OUR - sender pays costs) when making the transfer.

  4. Create a portfolio with own creative and artistic works, which contains several independent works from the field of art and media (film, video, computer and generative art) 
    including a list of works (title of the works, technical data and formats, length and production period as well as a short description).
    In the case of multiple authors, the applicant's share in the work must be described and clearly recognizable.

  5. Upload the portfolio and the list of works  to the bemus upload platform within the application period.
    The work samples are to be prepared as PDF, MP3, MP4 or MOV and may be max. 2 GB per file (max. 50 MB for PDF)!
    All uploaded files must not exceed a max. data volume of 20 GB, max. 10 files.
    The following labeling of the files is mandatory:
    Last name_application number_title of the file


You do not have a Bachelor's degree certificate at the time of application?

You have an international degree?

Are you an applicant from the PR China, Vietnam or India?

Are there any formal documents missing from your application? Find out how to submit them here.

Admission procedure

What happens after the application?

Admission is decided on the basis of the portfolio and the written justification of the desired course of study.
In cases of doubt, applicants may also be invited to an interview with the commission.
This would then take place in the form of a digital video conference, if necessary.