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German Courses

Starting in the summer semester of 2022, UdK Berlin offers German courses again exclusively for enrolled UdK students. You will find detailed information on the following site:

Cost of studies?

No tuition feesare payable at the UdK Berlin, with the exception of some advanced education master programmes.
However, all students at UdK Berlin have to pay a sum of  295,69 Euro per semester (Status: summer semester 2024).
This is made up of a semester ticket ("Deutschlandticket"), social security contribution for the studierendenWERK BERLIN, contribution for student representation (ASTA) and an administrative fee.

For participation in the application and admission process, a fee of 30 euros is usually charged at the time of application.

Final qualifications?

The courses at the UdK Berlin have been adjusted to the Bachelor/Master study framework. However, there are still some artistic courses such as Fine Arts, Art and Media, Acting, Musical – Show and Writing for the Theatre which have been excluded from these changes. Here, the former qualifications (e. g. graduate) have been retained.


The title “Meisterschülerin” or ”Meisterschüler”  it is the highest artistic accolade for particularly talented graduate of some artistic study courses. The title “Meisterschülerin” or “Meisterschüler” is awarded in the following programmes at the UdK Berlin: Fine Art, Visual Communication and Art and Media. A  "Meisterschüler" programme is only open to graduates of the UdK Berlin. The study course Art and Media is the only exception to this rule – here, it is also possible for external applicants to apply for the "Meisterschüler" programme.

Semester dates?

Each summer semester begins on 1st April; the teaching period is from mid April to mid July.  
Each winter semester begins on 1st October; the teaching period is from mid October to mid February.

Guest auditors?

For those interested, the opportunity exists to take part in selected courses as a guest auditor or extra-mural student. The agreement of the relevant teacher must be obtained and a corresponding application must be submitted in the first four weeks of the semester.

Further inforamtion can e found here:

Course catalogue?

The course catalogue of the UdK Berlin is available online. For some study programmes there are additional, annotated course catalogues – insofar as they are available online, you will find these on the pages of the revelant study courses; they can also be collected from the office of the relevant study course.

Course catalogue


Portfolio courses/Preparation courses at the UdK Berlin?

As a rule, there are no special preparation or portfolio courses at the UdK Berlin. However, the College of Fine Arts at the UdK Berlin offers so-called “Pre-Colleges”. These are open to all those interested in studying teachers training fine art at Berlin University of the Arts. On various dates, prospective students can get to know more about the college and its study programme in  teachers training of fine art.

There are guided tours of the faculty's artistic classes and workshops as well as portfolio consultations. Professors and tutors provide information about the artistic standards and introduce prospective students to their quality expectations.

Further inforamtion can be found on the website of the faculty.

Open day?

On the last weekend of each summer semester, as a rule in mid July, the “Rundgang” (open days) take place at the UdK Berlin.
You will find more information and the exact programme on our homepage shortly before the Rundgang on the UdK website.

The music festival weeks of the UdK, “crescendo”, take place once a year, generally in May/June  – a date of great interest to prospective students in the field of Music.

Also once a year, generally in January/February, an “Open Day” is organized especially for the teachers training music programmes.  Information on this can be found on the page of the Institute of Music Pedagogy.

In addition, public recitals, performances and exhibitions take place regularly during the semester in the Faculties.

All these dates can also be found in the events calendar of the UdK Berlin

University sport?

Students of the UdK Berlin can use opportunities for university sport at other universities, e.g. at the TU Berlin,.

Housing opportunities?

The UdK Berlin has no student hostels of its own. Information about housing can be found here.

Further information about student halls of residence provided by the student welfare organization "studiendenWERK Berlin" can be found on the following site:


Grants/ financing?

You can find information on the topic of student financing on the student counselling page here.

You can also obtain information on the topic of student financing from the social counselling service of studierendenWERK BERLIN.

Please contact the office for International Student Services of the UdK Berlin for information on special options for financing studies for foreign students.