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do what you want 19/20: the urgent edition

Making Futures School 2019

 source: Lena Giovanazzi

It's time. This is our last chance to do anything about the global climate and ecological emergency. Our last chance to save the world as we know it. (Extinction Rebellion June 2019)

The university is a place for research and experiment of thought. Within the "do what you want" studio the participants develop their own project idea and reflect on the process of architectural design. Therefore we refer to the "do what you want" studio as interest driven - in contrast to most studios that are based on assignments. With this format we aim to promote experimental ideas and encourage students to trust and develop their own creative and critical thinking.The studio is a particular open space for personal project ideas to be positioned in relation to the physical environment, social questions and the discursive world. 

As spatial practitioners we position ourselves, and our interests, in relation to existing dynamics. Currently the world is facing a shift in society, urging from a climate crisis that is challenging the futures of spatial practices on every level. In the open letter “Architecture Education Declares” the UK architectural community declares: 

“Our generation will encounter unprecedented social, political and ecological challenges, and we all need to respond with the urgency these circumstances demand. (…) Architecture is an important factor in this. In part because of how it uses resources and shapes environments, but also because of the political and social systems it enables.” (Architecture Education Declares 2019) 

The “do what you want” studio in winter semester 19/20 asks the participants to position their work in this urgent discourse. 

Baking Futures at Making Futures School 2019

 source: Lena Giovanazzi

The studio is a learning space, which core is built on collaborative work and peer-to-peer feedbacks. We start with a presentation of each student’s mission statement and proposed project trajectory. In the next step, through developing concepts during one-week exercise we test the project briefs on a particular field. We then continue to work collaboratively in the studio with weekly colloquia, where all students feedback on the work of the others. A series of Pin-Ups and presentations help localize the individual project development in the context of the work done in the studio in general. Mandatory part of the studio is one-week workshop in Sauen from 20.-24.1.2020. Participants also get the possibility to conduct the traveling seminar to Madrid “And the Square was Taken”.

We ask for a personal preliminary talk on 14.10. 17h to clear questions and possible project directions to elaborate to what extent we can give the right input.