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Spaces of Encounter and Change. Mapping Migrant Economies in Neukölln and Aksaray

Mobile Workshop Istanbul Making Futures Bauhaus+

 source: Lena Giovanazzi

Limitierte Plätze aufgrund der Kollaboration mit der Humboldt-Universität Berlin und Yildiz Technical University Istanbul

The neighborhoods of Aksaray in İstanbul and Neukölln in Berlin are shaped by various layers of migration. In the past few years, both neighborhoods have become the site of small business activities by Syrian migrants. Between April, 23 and May, 19, a joint workshop between students of Humboldt University, University of the Arts Berlin and Yildiz Technical University will take place in İstanbul and Berlin. The workshop aims to study migrant economies in these two neighborhoods in a comparative framework based on a critical analysis of the socio-cultural dynamics, which foster social and spatial change. The workshop results will be visualized on maps and videos to be installed and presented at the conference „We the City. Pluralism and Resistance in Berlin and Istanbul“ 23.-25.5. in Berlin.