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EXKURSION "Brave New Alps"

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EXKURSION „Brave New Alps“

Eco-social perspectives on commons and the venice lagoon

This semester our project at the Floating University is "Porous Architecture - the hospitable bog", after the past semesters with water and soil, we want to familiarize ourselves with mud. on the social side: The Floating in Berlin is not an isolated island. There are other initiatives elsewhere that practice as well the idea of rural urban commons.


During the excursion we follow the questions:

how can we consider the space around us as a holistic system, a collaboration of human and more than human?

how can we organize ourselves differently as a community?

how is knowledge transferred among communities, during time?

what are the practices of commoning, that the communities developed?


we travel to the alpine region to engage with actors and projects working in the field of rural and urban commons. we will meet, discuss, question, cook together.


our preliminary field trip schedule looks like this (tbc – please check the website and with the team for updates!)



Schedule and Programm:


29.04 TRAVEL DAY - Arrival in Rovereto, Trentino-Süd Tirol.


30.04-02.05 THE COMMONS


30.04 Bozen visit @LUNGOMARE


01.05 Festa Lavorator*! Village Feast in Noogaredo with Forno Vagabondo by Flora Mammana.

Meet up with Bianca Elzenbauer, co-founder of Brave New Alps. Walk 2-3 hours.


02.05 Workshop and Public Presentation @La Foresta in Rovereto:


1. Presentation of the various projects (Station for Transformation, La Foresta, Comunità Frizzante, Usi Civici/Forno Vagabondo, Mietshäusersyndikat goes Italy, etc.).

Duration: about 1.5/2 hours in small teams or all* together.


2. Tour of the "Station for Transformation" project spaces and small task.
Work in small teams of 2-3 people on the various spaces, exploring how they might be connected to each other (including visually) and/or what elements might communicate the project in the station area through small interventions in the space. The students bring elements of projects they are already involved in, to discuss and possibly adapt/transform.

Duration: approximately 2 to 3 hours.


3. Shared Lunch in La Foresta (2/3€ per person): We cook!

Duration: about 1.5 hours.


4. Public presentation + soup: The Udk team Floating University/Raumlabor/Guerilla Architects presents various projects as an inspirational "shower" for the Station for Transformation Project partners and anyone interested*.
Duration: about 1 hour (including discussion/questions).







Meet up with Eleonora Sovrani We Are Here Venice


We are here Venice is a Third Sector Organisation (TSO), registered in the Joint National Register of the Third Sector, dedicated to the conservation of Venice as a living city. Founded in 2015, it operates both as a research collective and activist platform, reinforcing connections between the best available sources of information, stakeholders, and the local community.


Meeting at the Laguna Viva garden, where we can see an installation curated by We are here Venice that reproduces the sandbar habitat in a tank at the Palazzo delle Zattere.

There we could introduce the essential elements of the lagoon and also We are here Venice related activities.


Visit to the northern lagoon, for example to Sant'Erasmo, where we can explore 3 types of environment, including that of salt marshes in a relatively limited area.


Friday night is Morion Laboratorio Occupato night.


04.05 Meet up with (tbc):



Rebiennale is a joint, collaborative platform created by a network of venetian citizens, students, architects, artists and political activists to share methods, procedures, skills and know-how in the field of self-building and to describe what the project of architecture can’t illustrate and that the establishment hard put to realize: the arise from below of a living as practice of making a common.


Comitato No Grandi Navi – Laguna Bene Comune (No big ships committee - Common Good Lagoon

Initiative for the ouster of large ships from St. Mark's Basin and the lagoon. The reference to the lagoon is a precise choice of content, because there is no Venice without a restored and balanced lagoon to defend it.


Morion Laboratorio Occupato

The Occupied Morion Laboratory has been an active social space in the city since 1990. Home to a thousand projects and paths, it is an anti-fascist, anti-racist and transfeminist safe space.


Ombra Renzini initiative Veras Isola delle Vignole
Veras agro-environmental park and CER Vignole Renewable Energy Community: the FIRST Node of an INTEGRATED RENEWABLE ENERGY DISTRICT IN AN ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL LAND.

The Association was founded by a community of people who live and work in the Vignolas and who have taken action to create new social and environmental perspectives for the future of the island. The Association is committed to creating a Renewable Energy Community (REC) by transforming daily behaviors in the use of energy for their activities, into a conscious and responsible choice in the use of energy (in perspective produced from renewable sources) in the fight against climate change by creating a km0 energy supply chain. Specific objective is its establishment of the REC through a participatory process, in the belief that the active participation of the community in the formation of the new energy and environmental context can develop social cohesion in the local community and strengthen its identity.


05.05 Travel back to Berlin




The field trip is open for up to 15 participants. the trip is primarily for members of the hospitable bog studio, but open bejond. individual preperation and documentation is requested to receive 2 ECTS.


questions / registrations / waiting list: raumproduktion_