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studio raumproduktion recommends: InKüLe workshops by Matters of Activity

The studio raumproduktion recommends: InKüLe workshops by Matters of Activity, November 22.

InKüLe - Innovations for Artistic Teaching - collaborates with the Cluster of Excellence "Matters of Activity". The workshops are offered as part of the Stretching Senses School initiative. The collaboration happens directly with the cluster researchers who initiated the project.



For the workshop Capturing Leakage (01-04.11), representatives of the “Leaking Bodies” collective invite participants to a journey of digital archiving and hybrid materialities, through a process of research-based storytelling and collection fieldwork samples.

The workshop Stretching Senses School – mycelium and neuronal forests (09-11.11), presents the initiative of an emerging learning community to explore more-than-human perceptions through immersive media. Led by the cluster researchers who have initiated this project, the workshop seeks to 'develop an intimate relation with the more-than-humans (mycelium / neurons) over the period of two days and a half, taking the creative experience of an immersive digital piece as the continuation of collective fieldwork.'