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Digital Workshop


In the digital workshop (room 350-351), a Trotec Speedy 300 80W laser cutter and four Ultimaker 3D printers are available to you from the 5th semester of architecture.

The machines can be used independently after a mandatory annual introduction.


Introductions will take place in the summer semester 2024 on the following dates:

30.04., 7.05., 14.05., 21.5., 28.05., 11.06., 18.06., 25.06., 02.07., 09.07., 

Tuesday, at 09:30 - 11:00 introductions



for introductory appointments

please via dudle and additionally by mail with matriculation number, study program and semester 

for appointments to:



maximum 720mm x 430mm landscape format

bring project as Illustrator CS6 or PDF file

line width (0,001pt) + RGB colors

More information in the attached document.



When using the laser, a time flat rate is due.

The charge is made every 15 minutes.

Payment is made directly after use, in cash on site. The payment will be receipted.

The first 15min cost 3€,

for each further 15min 5€

15min = 3€
30min = 8€
45min = 13€

see also UdK Berlin Anzeiger 7/2021 page 26, 28



The 3D printers can be used independently after a short introduction.

Appointment requests for printing and introduction also to:



The 3D prints are charged by weight.

1g PLA-Filament = 0,05€

You can also bring your own filament (diameter 2,85mm PLA)



We wish you a successful winter semester.

Nadja Müller, Hans Holländer and Marc Czampiel


source: Digitales Entwerfen