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Theory in BA and MA

Production Dramaturgy accompanying the design 

Dramaturgy accompanying the design/ Artistic conception

On the basis of a dramaturgical analysis of theatrical texts, independent concepts are developed. Students learn methods for developing artistic concepts and solution strategies. The exchange within the team and the artistic process influenced by this plays an important role.

Leading: Prof. Dr Stefan Tigges 



Cultural History of Clothing

Clothing produces bodies, is a substantial part and at the same time a medium of socio-cultural identities and in this respect a basic condition for every culture and society. In this sense, the history of clothing is to be understood as a sequence of bodies that are anchored in the materialities, practices and symbolisms of their epoch. How these references interact and how their knowledge can be focussed back on the analysis of clothing is the guiding question of the knowledge area Cultural History of Clothing.

Leading: Dr Julia Burde



Film and Media Theory         

Film and media theory is viewed as a dynamic field that is closely linked to practice. Oriented towards the question of what explicitly interests the students.

Leading: Prof. Renata Helker