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KlangKunstBühne is a continuing education program offered by Universität der Künste (University of the Arts) Berlin. It is aimed at all artistic disciplines. In courses lasting one week each, participants experience the possibilities of moving beyond the borders of their disciplines. Working with renowned international artists, new knowledge and abilities in previously unexplored areas are acquired and the possibilities of the participants’ own artistic expression are broadened. Ultimately KlangKunstBühne seeks to establish an innovative atmosphere in which lasting contacts are made and where new ideas are discovered and realized – with consequences for the running week and beyond, sparking impulses that create a unique language of sound, art and stage.

KlangKunstBühne 2017

This years KlangKunstBühne goes back to the basics of performing arts. The fundamental elements of singing, acting, music, dance, movement, masks and video are centre stage and emotions, fantasies, dreams and fears, poetry and illusions will be the topics of discussion. Performing – with its ways and means, its limits, categories and genres, with the players and the public – is brought to the foreground.

This years tutors will be the performance group She She Pop, the musicians Andreas Schett and Markus Kraler from the Musicbanda Franui along with director Michael Vogel from the theatre group Familie Flöz, the performance artist Angie Hiesl as well as the singer and actress Georgette Dee. Two shorter workshops are offered by the dancer and choreographer Josephine Ann Endicott and the director Robin Arthur from Forced Entertainment. Jo Ann Endicott will explore excerpts of choreographies from Pina Bausch with the course members, Robin Arthur will research how theatre can be made as a collective between the poles of chosen boundaries and unlimited freedom.

Advisory Committee

Renate Klett, Matthias Lilienthal, Cathy Milliken, Matthias Osterwold, Thomas Schildhauer