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Information for foreign applicants


After you have been invited to study at the UdK Berlin, you will be asked to submit your most recent academic transcripts to UNI ASSIST for verification (Vorprüfungsdokumentation).

Information to UNI ASSIST (PDF:30KB)


You will receive the invitation to the entrance exam shortly after you have applied online. This invitation can be used to assist you with your entry visa application at a German Consulate or Embassy.

Please be aware of the long processing times of these visa applications and make sure you apply well in advance. In case the consulate or embassy needs the invitation in a more specific form, let us know.

Language proficiency

If you cannot present a certificate for Level B2 in German proficiency at the time of the audition, you must attain at least Level A2 in German proficiency before you are allowed to start studying at the university. There are courses at the Goethe-Institut, Hartnack-Schule and others in which you can enroll. The Technische Universität Berlin also offers a course during the summer semester break.

After you have attained Level A2, you will be allowed to start studying at UdK Berlin in the following semester for a period of two semesters.

You are expected to have attained Level B2 in German proficiency by the end of your second semester at the university. This is a mandatory requirement for continuing your studies beyond the second semester. The UdK Berlin also offers language courses for students.

The language certificates are to be presented at the individual interviews following the entrance exams. We will address your individual concerns and assist you in finding solutions regarding the language requirement.

Korean applicants, Attention!

Please, do not give us an address with the ending "". Quite often hanmail returns our messages with the remark that it cannot be delivered. This means that we cannot communicate with you and also not send you your invitation.