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8 Nov 2022 | sic! | Judy Dunaway - performance and lecture

source: Efrain John Gonzalez

8 Nov 2022 | 20:00
Judy Dunaway

Latex Balloons as Sound Conduits

moderated by Samuel Perea Díaz


UdK Sound Studies and Sonic Arts
Lietzenburger Str. 45 | 10789 Berlin
Room: 314 (third floor)

Judy Dunaway is known internationally for her numerous works for latex balloons as sound producers, including sculptural sonic performances, sound installations, interactive pieces and acousmatic works.  She will give a performance and talk at UdK in tandem with her sound installation running Nov. 4-13 at Errant Sound gallery.


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Exhibition at Errant Sound

Judy Dunaway: Chamber Ensemble (for Balloons) | 4-13 Nov 2022