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Focus Phase Workshops Summer 2020

We are able to offer in-person teaching at LIE314 with up to ten students per class again. Since we can only accommodate one workshop at a time, we have spread out the courses from July 20 through September 25. 


Focus Phase

Gilles Aubry - Workshop - Sound art as aesthetic theory-practice

Peter Cusack - Workshop - Sound, the Environment and Field Recording

Christiane Hommelsheim with Anna Weißenfels - The listening Body

Daisuke Ishida - Workshop - Seeking for New Noise

Prof. Hans Peter Kuhn - Workshop - Guerillaudio

Giuliano Obici - Workshop - Sonic interventions with and for mobile phone 

Frauke Schmidt - Workshop - Forever am Palmenstrand

Wolfgang Spahn - Workshop - Out of Sync - Experimental Signal Transformation ​​

Martin Supper - Workshop - In search of hidden sounds

Franziska Windisch - Workshop - Speaking of sound


We are finally able to offer individual use of our studios again, starting June 15. From next week on it is possible to work in rooms LIE 303, 307, 308, and 318, you must book in advance.


The booking procedure has changed slightly: 

  • Studio use will NOT be possible unless you have sent us your current address and phone number. 
  • You will not be let into the building unless you have made your booking at least one week in advance (until Thursday 1pm for the following week) in our cloud calendar. 
  • Only one person may be in a studio at a time! Wear a mask! Sanitize.

See the Studio Booking and Use during Covid-19 Guideline for further details.



Equipment Rental

We are working on making equipment rental available again, and we try to grant access to the WFS in EIN103.

Guidelines and Rules for digital learning

Please read the following official UdK rules and guidelines for online classes. By attending the offered online courses you agree to these terms.

Usage guidelines for digital teaching and administrative communication


Please download the following consent to recording/storage of a course if needed, fill it out and ssend it to your instructor.

Consent to recording/storage of a course


Focus Phase 2020 Online Courses | 4 May - 18 July

To book any of the following classes, please get in touch with each faculty member via the email adress in the syllabus.


Focus Phase

Luc Döbereiner - Seminar - Algorithmic Experimental Systems in Composition and Sound Synthesis

Jacob Eriksen - Seminar - Artistic Research: Theories, methods, practices

Lukas Grundmann - Seminar - Experimental Radio Practice

PD Dr. Simone Heilgendorff - Seminar - Cultural Studies, Aesthetics, and Artistic Research in the context of Sound Art

Daisuke Ishida - Seminar - Superpsyched Ears

Johannes Krämer | Steffen Martin - Seminar - Perspective and space in cinematic sound

Chelsea Leventhal - Seminar - Documenting Sound Art

Steffen Martin - Seminar - Experimental Film

Prof. Sabine Sanio - Seminar - Sonic Arts and the specialization of the Arts

Dr. Julia Schröder - Seminar - Collaborations in Musical Arts

Prof. Dr. Thomas Sporer - Lecture - Psychoacoustics, Sound Creation and Coding

Jan Thoben - Seminar - Sound and Vision

Monika Żyła - Seminar - Gender Perspectives on Sound Art


Project Phase

Prof. Hans Peter Kuhn - Colloquium - Project Colloquium

Beginning of the teaching period postponed till 4 May 2020

We are getting ready to start our online classes. Due to delays in the provision and set up of online learning and teaching tools at the UdK, the beginning of the teaching period has been postponed till 4 May. We have taken measures to have the online tools in place by then. A shorter teaching period will not mean less time for study and virtual classroom sessions.


Focus Phase Courses postponed until Winter Semester 2020/21 | 19 October - 20 February

Since not all our courses can be held online, there will also be Focus Phase courses offered during the Winter Semester 2010/21. Syllabi will be published alongside regular Winter Semester syllabi at the beginning of the semester.