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Berlin Summer Semester 2020

The Berlin University of the Arts, like all Berlin universities, will start the digital lecture period on April 20, which is currently being prepared in all faculties and centers with great effort. 

In view of the corona pandemic, the Berlin summer semester 2020 should be characterized by flexibility, consideration and reliability. The Senate Chancellery - Science and Research and the state, denominational and private universities have agreed on this. 
Since it is currently not possible to hold classroom lectures until further notice, Berlin's universities are pursuing the goal of providing their students with the broadest possible spectrum of digital teaching, learning and examination offerings. 

We would like to thank all students, lecturers, employees and all those involved in making this extraordinary Berlin Summer Semester 2020 as good as possible.

The President of the UdK Berlin, Professor Dr. Norbert Palz, commented:

"An opening towards digital teaching and selection procedures may raise concerns about the negotiability of our quality concepts and future study conditions. However, it is not a question here of shredding coherent knowledge or of replacing the material in favour of the synthetic. This cannot be the goal, but rather we are in the joint attempt of students and teachers to draw new artistic and creative potential from the provisional, the fragmentary and the experimental. It is a strange and already historical situation in which what was thought to be consolidated has shifted. It can be a significant artistic moment, but one that passes quickly. Let's seize this moment together."

For the notification of the Senate Chancellery see:

Further information on the Berlin Summer Semester 2020 can be found here: PDF-Download (available in German only)

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