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Certificates and recognitions


Students in bachelor's and graduate programs at the UdK Berlin who have integrated the Studium Generale into their study regulations and who participate in the Studium Generale on a compulsory basis receive ungraded certificates of achievement for active and regular participation in the courses.

You get your credits in the following way:

  • After a seminar is over, the Studium Generale office will confirm by email the basic eligibility for getting the credits. Please save these email confirmations! Or make a note of which courses in which semester you are eligible. 
  • Please note that you will receive a separate email for each successfully attended (and completed) course.
  • We ask you to "collect" these emails first, and not to ask for signatures individually.

Once you need your credits, please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • the title of the seminar and the name of the lecturer
  • the semester in which the seminar took place (WS or SoSe and year)
  • your study program
  • your matriculation number
  • if available, the previous module sheet as pdf in the attachment (no photo).

The Studium Generale office will then check your entitlements in its XLS lists and does issue you a digital module sheet with signature and stamp (status as of April 2022). This will be returned to you by email.
If you want to have your achievements registered in the electronic system of the UdK, please forward this module sheet to your contact person in the study program or in the IPA / Enrollment and Examination Office (this is different in every study program).

Please note that the office of Studium Generale - especially at the beginning of the semester or shortly before the general exam registrations due to the mass of requests - needs sufficient time to check the Scheinberechtigungen and to create the module sheet. Therefore, please allow approximately min 4 weeks!
Thank you for your understanding!

The point system of the Studium Generale

In the Studium Generale at the UdK Berlin, a total of 10 ECTS (= European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, often referred to as credit points LP) must be achieved.
In almost all seminars and lectures 2 ECTS are awarded. This means that 5 courses should be attended in the course of the studies.

One ECTS corresponds to approx. 30 hours of work, two ECTS thus correspond to 60 hours of work. In the Studium Generale courses, we assume 30 hours of work in the seminars plus 30 hours of preparatory and follow-up work; thus, students receive a total of 2 ECTS per course (see European Credit Transfer System).

Graded certificates

The courses of Studium Generale are always ungraded. If you still need a grade, please discuss this with the lecturer at the beginning of the seminar!

For a grade, an additional task (beyond the regular performance) must be completed within the framework of the seminar, as agreed upon with the lecturer. This also means additional work for the teacher. Therefore, you need prior approval!

Recognition and crediting of previous study achievements for Studium Generale

The recognition and crediting of previous study achievements is possible in principle. For this purpose, please write an informal application by email to the coordination of Studium Generale. Please include the following with the email:

  • Your name
  • Your matriculation number
  • Your field of study
  • Your current semester
  • Copies of the previous academic achievements for which you are requesting credit (transcript of records or comparable certificate).

(We must be able to understand what the respective seminars were about. And we must be able to see that you had actually fulfilled the requirements). Each application is examined individually and decided by the Executive Director of Studium Generale, Prof. Hermann Schmidt-Rahmer.

Only previous university (or comparable) achievements that have not already been recognized in your study program can be recognized. Language courses or adult education courses can unfortunately not be recognized.

Students who do not have to earn credit points in Studium Generale may nevertheless receive a certificate of academic achievement in Studium Generale courses. Any recognition of credits earned in the Studium Generale as course credits in another department can only be granted with the express consent or on a case-by-case basis by the respective examination board or the module supervisors in the relevant degree program. Please ask them how the work must be completed and documented in order to ensure recognition. The coordination office of Studium Generale can only provide information on questions regarding the recognition of academic achievements.

How long does it take until I receive my letter of recognition?
Please note that the Studium Generale office - especially at the beginning of the semester or shortly before the general exam registrations due to the mass of requests - needs sufficient time to check the recognitions and to prepare the letter. Therefore, please allow at least 4 weeks! Thank you for your understanding!