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What is Studium Generale?

Studium Generale

is not a discipline to study independently. It is a cultural-scientific and interdisciplinary-artistic basic program at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) and an integral part of the bachelor and graduate programs (with the exception of the teacher training programs). It has a scope of 10 credit points (corresponding to 10 semester hours), which are completed during the course of your study.

Diversity in dialogue

The Studium Generale invites you students to reflect beyond the boundaries of your fields of study and your daily needs. The motto "Diversity in Dialog” reflects in the program. In the Studium Generale courses current questions from arts, culture and society are taken up, discursively and artistically or practically worked on. The different perspectives of participants, teachers and other experts are fruitfully included.

A general semester topic

adds actuality to the Studium Generale courses. In the 2023/2024 academic year, it is "Amnesia". In the past, topics such as "Art and Class", "Körper in der Krise"/"Bodies in Crisis", "Nach der Natur:", "Was ist Wirklichkeit?", "Grenzen des Kapitalismus" or "Das Romantische" served as starting points for theoretical reflections and artistic explorations.

Lectures, seminars and workshops

Each semester, the Studium Generale offers a range of lectures, seminars and workshops in the two areas of Cultural Studies and Interdisciplinary Artistic Practice and Theory. Special workshops and services for students from abroad are also part of the Studium Generale. These are summarized in the Intercultural Mentoring.

Critical Studies courses

offer interdisciplinary approaches to figures of thought, theories and methods. At the same time, they provide you with tools for classifying and questioning the content of your studies and your own work within a broader horizon of reflection in political, aesthetic and social terms, leading towards an awareness of your own patterns of conviction within the process.

Attendance of one of the introductory lectures (2 SWS, 2 ECTS) in the field of critical studies is compulsory in the first or second semester. In the course of the study program, 2 to 4 credit points (European Credit Transfer System) must be earned in critical studies seminars. 

Attention: the study regulations of some programs contain specific regulations in which semester which achievements in the Studium Generale are due.

Interdisciplinary Artistic Practice and Theory

is the second focus of the Studium Generale. Here you will get to know other art-specific ways of thinking and acting in interaction and thus lay the foundation for possible interdisciplinary cooperation. The focus lies on collective artistic processes, the courage to work experimentally - as well as the theoretical reflection and practice-related interpretation of such experiences.

In interdisciplinary artistic seminars and workshops, 4 to 6 credit points are to be earned during the course of study. You can choose these freely from the range of courses offered by the Studium Generale.

Attention: the study regulations of some programs contain specific regulations in which semester which achievements in the Studium Generale are due.

Intercultural Mentoring

is a special teaching and service offer for students from abroad. It helps you participants to master the start of your studies far away from home. The focus is on rapid social networking and language integration. You will get to know the requirements of studying at a German art university and the structures of the UdK Berlin together. Guided by student mentors, you will explore your new cultural environment in small groups. Workshops will teach you important skills for your studies.

Participation in Intercultural Mentoring is credited with a maximum of two credit points per semester, i.e. a maximum of 4 credit points, in the area of critical studies in the Studium Generale program.