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Laboratory for photography

source: UdK Berlin

The photographic workshop enables extensive creative and conceptual work in analog and digital processes. In workshops and accompanying modules, the basics of photography can be developed and, after introductory sessions and appropriate knowledge, used to realize independent projects.

The workshop includes a photo studio and a darkroom, which provide the space for project-related work in concrete and experimental approaches to photography and is open for interdisciplinary projects.


The studio allows on an area of about 80 square meters the adaptation of the design of an individual shooting set. For this purpose, background systems in various formats and a basic set of background colors are available. For illumination and lighting design, a comprehensive system consisting of lamps and light shapers can be used. For the realization of the creative semester projects, professional shooting formats in digital 35mm full format are available, supplemented by analog 35mm and medium format cameras.

The workshop includes a photo studio and a darkroom*, which provide space for project-related work in concrete and experimental explorations of photography and are open to interdisciplinary projects.

For working outside the workshop it is possible to borrow some of the equipment. Among other things, portable lighting and background systems as well as various cameras and lenses.

Prior agreement is required for the use of the photographic workshop and the corresponding support from the workshop management and tutors. For project inquiries and support, please make an appointment by email or use the given office hours."
The current availability can be viewed under the following link: Google Calendar

* Use of the darkroom is currently not possible.


Laboratory for photography
Grunewaldstr. 2–5
10823 Berlin

Studio (Room 308)
Darkroom (Room 308a)*
Office (Room 303)

*Currently closed for renovation.

Information about opening hours or consultation hours

Opening hours with key permission

Mon - Fri: 7-22.30 h, Sat: 9-21 h

Office hours
 Laboratory management
Tuesdays 10.00 - 14.00 by appointment

Laboratory management

Dipl.-Des. Sebastian Herold


Luisa Herbst